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Galveston is our most spirited venue!

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Lady Ghost

Our exciting Galveston tour  takes you on a fascinating walk through the historic and haunted mansion district starting by the famous Broadway mansion, Ashton Villa!  Take a journey through time to experience eerie and tantalizing ghost mysteries. Step through the shadows, gather your courage and discover the chilling and ghastly tales of murder, revenge, passion, heartache and breath-taking history!


For decades, brave travelers, paranormal enthusiasts, and those who enjoy a chill up their spine have flocked to Galveston’s historic districts to explore its rich, tantalizing and bizarre history, but this outdoor walking tour of the Silk Stocking District is a first!!   This tour takes you through the beautiful, rich and spirited Silk Stocking District of fine Queen Anne homes and by the famous Ashton Villa mansion. This is a family-friendly tour, loved by all ages!

Highlights include:

  • Step through the darkness and investigate the chilling location where a man was kept hostage for an entire night by a female ghost
  • Take a chance to see the lovely red-headed, ”Miss Betty” Brown who still “lives” at the vintage 1858 Ashton Villa mansion. .. she’s been photographed gazing out of the second floor window through the curtains — Bring your camera!
  • Discover why Capt. Mott’s apparition is regularly seen in the attic…could he be hiding the horrific murders committed by his son?
  • Explore the vivid details of the 1900 Great Storm’s night of terror, when a brave mother selflessly dragged bodies from  the savage waters over her second floor balcony..only to discover….
  • Learn tales of Galveston’s last bordello…why does that prominent insurance man’s spirit still lurk in the bedrooms at night?

This fascinating walking tour was designed by fifth-generation Galvestonian, Jan Johnson, based on eye-witness accounts of paranormal occurrences.  A talented writer and award winning tour guide, Jan published the book, “Walking Historic Galveston:  A Guide to its Neighborhoods” and is currently working on her second masterpiece!  She inserts a flare for the dramatic as she weaves her tantalizing tales, causing REAL spine-tingling chills!

Private group tours are our specialty! Call today and we will customize the tour just for you!  Don’t miss this exciting and memorable experience!