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Houston Heights

Haunted Heights Ghost Tour takes you on a fascinating walking tour through the historic and haunted Heights district featuring spirits within the fine homes and mansions. Take a journey through time to experience eerie and tantalizing  ghost mysteries. Step through the shadows, gather your courage and discover Haunted Heights chilling and ghastly tales of death, destruction,  murder and spine-tingling mysteries!

Join the many that will flock to the Heights historic district to explore its rich, tantalizing and bizarre history.  This 90-minute Ghost Tours Texas.com offering takes you through this errie, rich and spirited district .

The Heights tour is PG-13 due to the deaths and murders in its historic past. However, the stories are not any worse than what you might experience on weeknight TV. 

Haunted Heights Ghost Tour highlights:

  • Discover the dark secrets and breathtaking places in the Heights
  • Learn of the spirits who remain behind…
  • Learn of the Dean Correl murders and the chilren’s spirits who still lurk in the alley-ways
  • Uncover the mysteries of a teenage girl who brought home a voodoo doll from New Orleans and what happened afterward in her “safe” Height’s home
  • Discover the Mason Lodge’s friendly night watchman spirtit who still guards the lodge after dark.
  • Become entralled by a  ghost of the past who possessed and attacked a resident
  • Become entranced with the other paranormal experiences from local residents….and learn of their real life testimonies.

  Come to the tour and discover  for yourself!



Plesase email your reservation to Link: ghosttourstexas@gmail.com